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I just took the cheese out of my lunchbag and put it on my desk, then tried to put my lunchbag in the fridge and leave the cheese out. This happened about an hour after I went the wrong way on the highway this morning. It’s really not a great start to this week, even though nothing bad has happened yet. I just need to be careful today. It’s one of those days. I have to make sure I don’t do anything stupid… like start a website.

I’m done obsessing. Every other time I’ve ventured down the road of a public media outlet: a website, podcast, or etc., I spend more hours editing and proofreading my work than actually posting it. I’m done with that. I have too many thoughts to filter through all of them. I think that is my biggest problem. My mind is like a skill tree from Final Fantasy X (odd choice for my first video game reference – I am the smallest Final Fantasy fan out there), with branches going in every direction – none of them filled, but all occupied. I focus too much on making things perfect than making things happen.

I think that’s why, during my morning drive, I decided that I’m going down this road again. It started off with, “Man, I wish I would have had some more air time on ESPN Radio.” Then, “I wonder if I could work there on weekends in the future.” “Stop, you tried that, it was fun, it is over now, don’t obsess over it.” “Stop talking to yourself.” “Maybe I can do something else, though.” You get the point. By the time I was a few blocks away from the office, I had 3 website names, a layout in my head, about 15 ideas for topics, an empty McDonald’s coffee cup (I rarely drink coffee, maybe that’s the source of today’s inspiration), a theme song for my eventual ESPN show (kidding), a theme song I used for an old podcast that I can now play on the guitar (not kidding), the fear that I shouldn’t do this, and the realization that I should.

I am the epitome of the phrase, “Jack of all trades; master of none.” That is what this website will be. A melting pot of my many ideas, thoughts, jokes, Photoshopped pictures, and anything else that can’t fit into my little brain and must be shared via the internet. I want to make this as informal as possible. I want my friends to partake. I want to be able to talk about sports, video games, stocks, guitar songs, my wife and our baby that she is carrying, and everything else.

More than anything, I have tried so many times to find my thing, to create something. I want my child to know that his or her father created something of value, something to be proud of. That I had so many avenues to pursue, that there is never really a wrong one to take. And there’s never the need to take just one.