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My writing has clearly taken a backseat in the past week or two, but this is a function of a few simple things. First, I just haven’t had much to say. I have had a baseball game (either coaching or playing) practically every night for the past two weeks. It’s finally dying down now, but I haven’t really been playing any video games, watching too much sports (the MLB All-Star Game was followed by an obnoxiously long break), or really doing anything other than coaching.

More importantly, I have been making progress towards one time-consuming goal during my free time: learning to code.

I wrote an article weeks ago about my desire (and difficulties) to learn how to program. I am happy to say that, at the very least, I haven’t given up yet.

Make no mistake about it, I know very little about Java (the language with which I have chosen to start). But after watching 14 hours of tutorials (so far), I find myself quickly catching on to more and more. This will not turn me into the next great programmer, but I wanted to have some sort of background and I feel like that is forming, at least a little.

Let me also pause for a minute and give all the credit in the world to, I guess what you would call my mentor. I found this guy on YouTube and I can’t praise him enough, even though it absolutely kills me that his name is…thenewboston. In fact, my Yankees and Jets pride almost caused me to not watch his videos (I insisted there had to be someone out there that was just as good). I was wrong. I have to admit it, Bucky (thenewboston) is irreplaceable.

For what it’s worth, his YouTube feed is right here. He has literally thousands of videos on a lot of technology and science topics. In fact, most of his stuff is what I was “taught” at Stevens, yet none of it I “learned” until watching his videos.

Anyway, that’s where I have been spending my time lately. I would like to start posting some of my (really, his) work, so I can see the progression of my knowledge as I go deeper into the tutorials. Understand that almost everything I post is from the mind of Bucky, and I am just following the steps to make it happen.

I am hoping that all of his foundations will provide the building blocks necessary for me to elaborate on his work and turn it into something of my own. Time will tell where my programming future is headed, but in the mean time, at least I’m learning.